About Lacoa

My mother was beautiful, very tall, elegant, fashionable, and always spoke from the heart. She is the reason I play tennis, and decided to create my clothing line. My mother loved tennis and encouraged me to start playing when I was about 10 years old. She took me to all my practices, tournaments, as well as, her tennis matches and social gatherings.

In 2001, she was diagnosed with cancer. One of my fondest memories was the courage with which she fought her battle and used tennis as her escape. I would take her to her chemo sessions and , she would always want to go to our local tennis club on the way home. Often her friends would be waiting and wearing headbands to show their support due to her hair loss. She never allowed cancer to change her essence, she always remained a positive influence, outgoing and vivacious, ardent tennis lover, and above all, a loving mother and wife.

I lost her in 2005. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of her and wish she could be with me seeing her two beautiful grandchildren grow. Lacoa and the Lacoa Giraffe are in memory of her. I honor her with every colorful and playful print as it reminds me of her amazing personality. The Lacoa Giraffe, beautiful, tall, and elegant is in tribute to her.

Estefania Lacoa